Posted by: enemor | June 9, 2009

Back to the Gradient

Indeed, folks! I made use of that nify Gradient tool again, except this time I actually made a signature that makes sense (Human/Orc? What was that?). Plus I got the lighting right this time!

This one features a Priest, split between Holy and Shadow. I made a version with text, but I think it ruined the image so I decided to take it off. I think I got the lighting on this one just right, perfectly light and dark where it needs to be. Enjoy!

Light and Dark (No text)

Posted by: enemor | June 8, 2009

Gnome Warriors are made of WIN

Yea you heard me! You know it’s true.. Gnome Warriors are what hold this game together. In honor of these tiny ferocious creatures I’ve created a new, simplistic, yet sleek image. I brought out the reflective effect for this puppy! It goes along incredibly with the blue and white background, and the images on the left side of the picture are just icing on the cake.

First I thought of making the font griddy and rough looking, but once I decided on the colors and details of the image itself it just seemed to be out of place. I think the ‘fancy schmancy’ font I put in there works well with the rest of the image and the fading of the lower part of the text was just a personal choice, which I think paid off.


Posted by: enemor | June 8, 2009

Split Personalities

2 pieces today, both of them Signatures. (What’d you expect? :D) The first is a revamp of my Paladins Signature. The lighting is this one is phenomenally better than in the previous, and I chose a different color tone that suits his armor much better. Plus now he isn’t just standing straight up in that dumb looking pose.

The 2nd piece was just me messing around with the gradient tool in all honesty. The idea seemed cool but I couldn’t get the lighting to work like I wanted it too. That’s a project to continue on another day, for right now enjoy these two as they are. I expect my next piece of work to be a regular sized image or a background, I’m getting a little ‘signatured out’ hehe.

Enemor Golden


Posted by: enemor | June 7, 2009

It looks like.. Death?

This one was just straight up fun to make, I wanted to do something involving a rogue in stealth. They just have that ‘mean’ look to em’. Female Blood Elf just seemed like the obvious choice to me, as they seem to look the most menacing in their stealth stance, like they’re about to pounce.  The background was a whole mix of different things that ended up just how I wanted it to, I don’t know how many layers of clouds I had to go through to get it to look right. The large faded mask was a thought that just popped into my head last minute, and I really think it makes the picture with those eyes just staring right through you. Enjoy!

Edit: I decided to make a signature to go along with it.

Dark Sig

It Looks like Deth!

Posted by: enemor | June 7, 2009

He seems sort of mad..

This one was more of a ‘look good’ piece than an actual project.  The background obviously isn’t anything to extravagant and the text takes up a lot of the image, but I love it nonetheless. If I did it over again I’m not sure I would have done the fading in the lower left corner, but it’s not really a bother to me. The text pretty much makes the image on this one, it’s large, and actually has something to read other than a name. Hope you all like it!

Lich King

Posted by: enemor | June 6, 2009

Simple, yet great

This is a desktop wallpaper  that I made for my friend, earlier today. It looks good, and is still a very basic image. It has one simple character in it, with a ‘griddy’ background and some rough looking text. This took me all of about 10 minutes to do. I’m sure with a lot more time and effort this could become a much more complex piece of art but keeping it simple is good sometimes. You don’t want to overdo things.

(Shoutout to my friend, Xavean)

Xavean vs Ex

Posted by: enemor | June 6, 2009

My Signature

This is the forum signature that I myself use. The background is simply a blurred version of my character strew across the the image. On the far right side of the image I added a greatly faded version of Enemor, the center was made to look lik a shadow in the mist, and the right just a slightly less faded version of the right. The background ended up looking better than I thought it would with the fading and shading I used, making a fog and light look at the same time. I used light images to focus a bit more on the right and center images, and some lesser lighting on the left side of the image. The text was a personal choice, I just love the font. We’ll see how long this signature will last before I decide to make another 😀

Posted by: warshaman | June 6, 2009


Hello, and welcome! This is Art Azeroth, and I’m Enemor. This blog is just a place to post my work and share it with you all, as well as inspire others to do the same. I plan for this to become not only an outlet for my artwork, but  also a place people can come to request items without the cost that some artists charge. I do this because I have fun doing it, and that’s all there is to it. With that, I’ll wrap up this introduction. Stay tuned!