Posted by: enemor | June 7, 2009

It looks like.. Death?

This one was just straight up fun to make, I wanted to do something involving a rogue in stealth. They just have that ‘mean’ look to em’. Female Blood Elf just seemed like the obvious choice to me, as they seem to look the most menacing in their stealth stance, like they’re about to pounce.  The background was a whole mix of different things that ended up just how I wanted it to, I don’t know how many layers of clouds I had to go through to get it to look right. The large faded mask was a thought that just popped into my head last minute, and I really think it makes the picture with those eyes just staring right through you. Enjoy!

Edit: I decided to make a signature to go along with it.

Dark Sig

It Looks like Deth!


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